Free Radon test for all Veterans and 1st Responders with Home inspection.

$325.00 for a row home 10 % discount to repeat realtors

Knowledgeable Home Inspector Experts

A new home is only as good as the neighborhood it is in. 
Know your surroundings before you buy.

I have owned a construction business since 1985 with up to  15 employees doing residential and commercial construction, so I know buildings and all their systems.

I also have a degree in facility management with construction from 2014, so I know what is correct and what is not when I come to inspect your property.

John Madrak Owner                     


We Notice the Little Things


Although it is rare to find all the problems that can go wrong with a home during a averge 3 hour inspection, we will find most of them, so you can make a better decision on weather to move forward or not with the purchase of your new home.

Be Confident In Your Property Transaction


I will not only help you understand the property you are about to buy but I will be there for you after the sale should you ever have any questions about your home , I do not mind helping you understand your new home.

Featured Service #1 home Inspections, Pre Inspections, Reports in 12 hour or less .


Serving all of Pennsylvania within a one hour drive from Philadelphia.
License # 43547

Featured Service #2 Radon inspections


We use E-Perm by Rad Elec Inc. equiptment to do all our radon test. We find their products to be reliable and with quick results . There is no waiting after the test . You will have the results within one hour after the test is complete , 48 hours minimum.
License # 3233

Featured Service #3 Mold air samples


If there is a damp area in your home , than there is Mold. 

Air samples start at 285.00 for one area and a outside sample for comparison and then 75.00 for each additional space.

Mold in the air can make you sick enough to end up in the hospital . 

Featured Service #4 Termite inspection


It seams like every day I am finding Termite damage either in the basement or the garage, weather it is active or not you want it taken care of before you move in , an inspection is only $115.00 with a home inspection.



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